Health Club

We have professional trainers to take you through the journey in attaining your fit and healthier body and mind. Improve your fitness, wellness and lifestyle.

Come Join Satellite Health club for a fitter, healthier body and mind.

Our Prices

Gym Alone

UGX 10,000/= Daily
UGX 120,000/= Monthly

Aerobics Alone

UGX 10,000/= Daily
UGX 120,000/= Monthly

Sauna Alone

UGX 10,000/= Daily
UGX 120,000/= Monthly


Gym: UGX 170,000/= Monthly
Sauna: UGX 170,000/= Monthly


UGX 20,000/= Daily

Gym and aerobics

UGX 10,000/= Daily

Gym and sauna

UGX 10,000/= Daily.


Weight Loss Programs

Exercise to enjoy long term benefits like preserve muscle mass, make weight loss stick, younger clear skin, strong bone and stay healthy.


Not only is it fun but it will help in reducing risk of obesity,improved immune system, improved circulation, increased Stamina, improved alertness, strengthen heart muscle and you will feel more energetic.


which is heat therapy that is used in easing stress, relieving muscle tensions and stiff joints, boosting the immune system, lymph detoxification, stimulating circulation, increase body metabolism, keeping skin youthful.

Steam Bath

Increases blood circulation, stimulating the immune system and restores physical and mental well-being.


Yoga can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure and improve heart function. Providing you inner peace and living with greater awareness.


this is not only exercise but its strength training and body sculpting of a fun fusion of dance moves from styles like Salsa, Reggaeton and Flamenco.


to maintain and keep the weight down toning exercises helps maintain muscles tone, stretch body combining some weight lifts, squats, zumba and aerobics classes.

Deep Tissue Massage

Massage helps in relieving stress, encourages relaxation, helps manage pain, improves flexibility and range of motion, relaxes muscles and lowers blood pressure.

Manicure and Pedicure

Provides relief to aches and pains caused by carpal tunnel, arthritis & overworked extremities, relaxes and relieves stress, by increasing blood circulation when massaged afterwards.

Face and Body sensation

glows the skin making it more youthful, exfoliate dead skin, moisturizes the skin, increase blood flow and circulation, improve cellulite and aging and it will relax your body and muscles.

Foot Reflexology

It is deeply relaxing and therapeutic modality for those suffering from plantar fasciitis, ankle injuries or even everyday work and play. It increases the circulation and stimulates the digestive system as toxins are eliminated from the body.

State of art gym equipment

that will help with weight loss or management, Increases your stamina and reduces fatigue, conditions your heart and lungs by increasing the amount of oxygen.

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